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Halfway House, London

PROMIS Halfway House is designed to be a “bridge to normal living” between primary treatment and life at home. It offers a structured programme of both group and individual therapy combined with education and support for learning new life skills.

The Halfway House is conveniently located in the centre of London and offers separate accommodation facilities for both men and women. The Halfway House caters for people suffering from all addictions.

The therapy is based on the 12 Step Model and aims to help people find a more spiritual and enjoyable way of living free from the bondage of active addiction. The programme is designed to help people overcome issues associated with low self?esteem and to provide them with the tools and assistance to build their confidence to a healthy and productive level. The treatment programme ranges from 12 ? 24 weeks.

The residents are involved in the running of the house including the cooking and cleaning and therefore learn how to live and work as part of a community. The programme also includes:

Promis Sober House

Promis Sober House is located in central London and has been designed to provide accommodation for individuals who would like to live in a recovering environment. The Promis Sober House offers a holistic therapeutic approach which encourages patients to take advantage of self support groups. Activities and groups are also available to guests whilst they are in residence.

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