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There are several types of depression but most of them share similar symptoms such as sadness, lack of concentration or interest in your normal activities.  It is common for people suffering from depression not to seek treatment in spite of the fact that the majority would respond positively.

Depression can filter through to every area of your life until there is no escape, no safe haven.  Family members and work can also suffer as a result.  This is why treatment is such an important step. 

The aim of PROMIS is to provide a range of counselling and treatment programmes so that the patient can choose which would be most significant to them.  The PROMIS Counselling Centre is located in a quiet mews in South Kensington, Central London, and is ideally situated to provide accessible treatment services to London’s busy community.

The main feature of the PROMIS Counselling Centre is its flexibility. Our patients have busy lives and we aim to enable them to access treatment services whilst maintaining their commitments.

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