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Stress can be caused by both external and internal factors.  Growing problems at work or at home can push the individual to breaking point but alternatively, their physical well being and psychological make up can also play a part.  Lack of job security, conflicting work relationships and working long hours can all contribute to stress, as can carrying the trauma of a perhaps unexplored experience in your past or living an unhealthy lifestyle.   

It would be an error to underestimate the life-threatening effects of stress.  Stress can heighten blood pressure, affect the stomach and bowels and bring about the symptoms of diabetes and muscular pain. 

PROMIS can offers therapy designed to confront the root of stress with a team of professional therapists who have an expansive knowledge of the issue and will correctly determine the correct form of action.  But first, the individual needs to explore whether their feeling of stress is something that needs combating on a professional level.

If your daily pattern is being interrupted by such problems as loss of sleep or appetite, unexpected emotional outbursts or periods of nervous tension, then guidance should be sought.  If you are trying to eradicate these difficulties with an increased intake of alcohol or general drug misuse, this will only serve to magnify the situation and again, treatment is advised before the problem escalates.

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