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A family member’s letter to the family therapists

Dear Linda and Meg,

I felt that I needed to write to you both personally, and also to PROMIS in general.
The reason for this letter is to thank you from my heart for the support and guidance that I was given from you both throughout the family workshops that I attended.

I realise that the process was one of tapping into my own emotional `stuff` and learning to take care of me but that was so much gentler and easier to do because of the safe and secure environment that you both gave to me within the group.
Alongside this went the full support and caring approach from the whole of the team at PROMIS you really are a wonderful bunch of human beings.

Referring back to the family workshops I can put my hand on my heart and definitely confirm that the process of an addict in recovery [my son] is not an easy journey for either the addict or the family members, but I now know that the process that happened for me within the family workshops was a hugely positive turning point for both myself and my son, and the realisation that it isn’t only within the addict that the changes have to- take-place, but that sometimes family members also need to take responsibility for changes in their behaviour.

I truly believe that my son going into recovery was his first step followed by my first step attending the family workshops and together this process has allowed us both to move on one day at a time.

Any family members in the future who may be apprehensive about attending the family workshops, please do not hesitate to pass this letter on to them.

Hope to see you again in the near future and love to you all,

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