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How it was, how it is now…

This is a poem from one of our patients about her recovery for those that might not be able to see a way out; there is always hope and a different way of feeling, living and being.

How it was

The wall to the west is built of fears
The eastern one of unshed tears
The other two are made I know
Of loneliness that wont let go

Its cold in here, the light is thin
Its damp and silent, deep within
Locked in this place its seems I’ll be
From now through all eternity

This prison haunts my mind and soul
It fragments me, I don’t feel whole
It never seems to move away
It saddens me night and day

“It’s yours, you made it” says a voice
But surely this was not my choice
Try as I may I can’t break free
From this my place of misery

So will one day some rest appear?
Some comfort to relieve the fear
Perhaps a soft and gentle land
To lift the harshness here at hand

Oh how I wish I could embrace
A vision of that gentle place
But faith is weak and hope is frail
When viewed from here within my jail.

How it is now

Then came a day no reason why
My mind can grasp or clarify
That gave me hope however small
Of life worth living after all

From strangers, all just friends unknown
I learned that I was not alone
Their freely offered love for me
Began my road to recovery

My eyes are open now to see
A world that’s filled with majesty
A world that shows me every day
That love and kindness lead the way

A world where truth and honesty
Can change my life and set me free
Where friendships given and received
Give warmth and joy that’s unrelieved

My unexamined life for years
Delivered me to doubt and fears
But now as best I can each day
I search within to find my way

I now resist perfection’s call
I try as best I can that’s all
Acceptance is the key it seems
For life beyond my wildest dreams

Jilly J

One Response to “How it was, how it is now…”

  1. Dina dally Says:

    When I read this poem I cried of joy and sadness, my daughter of 22 years of age is in a rehab center now and I know exactly what they have gone through all these years.
    Good luck hoping they will stay clean for ever, Bon courage.

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