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Attending UK Treatment industry conference UKESAD

UKESAD is the UK Treatment industry conference held once a year in Kensington. There are plenty of workshops and Presentations from all over the world. We have a lot of representation from the USA but it is also nice to see more and more Europeans coming to the conferenceThe conference runs for three days and is a pretty full programme.

As PROMIS has been a clinic for 25 years we have helped train a lot of therapists over the years. This has the advantage that one of the great pleasures at a conference like this is a great opportunity to catch back up with all these people. This afternoon I was sitting behind someone who turned out to be one of our first nurses, 25 years ago, who now has a practice in the South of France. It’s good to know someone there now who I know will carry the same high standards of professionalism and personal care.

Another great advantage of these conferences is that it is very helpful to find therapists in different countries or even just different regions in the UK. This way we can let our patients seeking help, know who they can see in other regions. There are also clinics here I know by reputation, where it is nice to put faces to those names.

I will make reference to particular individuals over the next few days and weeks but in the meantime you can see the UKESAD website and see the list of speakers. All in all, it’s a great fun to be here.


Robin Lefever

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