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BBC Radio 4 report on bad practice in rehabs

BBC World at One news programme has reported on poor and unsafe practice in the private rehab sector.

Reporter Caroline Turriff’s investigation has revealed that many rehabs are taking in clients who are not suitable for their services. At the same time, she reports that a decrease in NHS provision means that more and more people are seeking private help.

This BBC investigation underlines the need to make sure that the clinics considered for treatment are adequately staffed with the right professionals to manage clients needs. Of course, this can be difficult to assess when admissions are often sought during a crisis and decisions made quickly or made purely on financial grounds. If clinics follow the proper guidelines for admissions then this really shouldn’t be happening but, shockingly, Caroline is still finding this to be current practice.

You can listen to her piece between moments 32:00 and 38:00 on the programme here: (BBC hyperlink: BBC World at One )

Or directly here:

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