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Cathryn Kemp at Saatchi

Cathryn Kemp chronicled her brave detoxification experience from powerful pain relieving medications last year in an article published in the Sun Newspaper in order to give insight into the difficultes of coming of prescribed medications and hope to others.

As well as writing about her experience at PROMIS Cathryn also spent her time creating a new body of art during this emotional and difficult time. She had a number of canvesses in her room and around our site that she was working on.

Since then the works that Cathryn created have received a good deal of public acclaim. Please take a look at them on the Saatchi Galery Website :  http://www.saatchionline.com/profiles/index/id/115385

Rediscovering one’s creativity is an important part of many people’s recovery. Often we are afraid that recovery will be a hindrance to our creativity when in fact it is the opposite. Cathryn shows us this very clearly.


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