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Clarissa Dickson Wright “Spilling the Beans”

I have just been reading Clarissa Dickson Wright’s excellent book, “Spilling The Beans” and I must say it is a superb book! Clarissa has a chapter dealing with her getting into recovery and does a fantastic job of explaining the whole process in her clear and straight forward language.

I have heard Clarissa talking publicly a few times about being in recovery and I am really grateful to her, and other celebrities, for being prepared to stand up and talk about recovery. I am grateful because I want my children to grow up in a society which understands this illness a lot better than it did when I was growing up. Through people like Clarissa standing up and showing the quality of their recoveries and the amazing things they have done with them, I hope others will see the potential in the alcoholics who are still unwell and realise that recovery is possible for them too.

If you are still short of a Christmas present the I can assure you this book will make an excellent gift!

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