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Robin Lefever trains with Dr Richard Bandler

I attended a training course with Dr Richard Bandler last week and I am going on to do another 10 days training with him next week. Whilst the methods we use are very effective there are always new tools and new skills we can bring into our treatment. In particular, I think that the skill Dr Bandler is teaching will do a lot to help people not just recover but actually find a new enthusiasm for all that they do. Recovery is not about simply stopping the compulsive behaviours, it is also about being so happy and successful in all areas of our lives that going back to compulsive behaviours is no longer of any interest.


3 Responses to “Robin Lefever trains with Dr Richard Bandler”

  1. Carl Dourish Says:

    I have used NLP within my practice for years, with great success. I always created a future of positive beliefs and direction. Not all people wish to dig around in their past. May I suggest you go on a energy workshop. Learn such skills as EFT / TAT/ Freeway CER.

    Take care


  2. maya Says:

    how were the courses? i am thinking of attending in April. was it useful?

  3. Robin Lefever Says:

    Hi Maya

    I thought they were excellent! I would definitely recommend them. I must admit to having been rather sceptical before hand. I always imagined it was a quick fix rah rah business motivation type thing. Of course there are elements of that but it is also remarkably effective for a lot of problems like phobias. |It is also very quick!
    I also really like Richard Bandlers attitude and style. He is only interested in making people better. He doesn’t bother with *why* they might feel bad, he just cuts to the point of getting them better. Of course i think there is still room for lots of other work. This isn’t the only tool out there but it is a very useful one.
    Every project I undertook on the training worked very well for me and all those I worked with also seemed to get very good results. I think the work done needs to be maintained but it does go to show what is possible.

    One final point the course is also great fun!


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