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Richard’s update


I attended Promis Recovery in 2005 for just over 2 weeks when you were based in other larger premises nr. Canterbury. I had hit bottom as an alcoholic with my life spiralling out of control. I could only afford 2 weeks of treatment using my savings but these 2 weeks provided the safety and support that I needed to take my first steps on the road of recovery.

I am writing this 14 years later ….14 wonderfully happy years of sobriety…..I never realized just how good life could be without alcohol and my wife and I have now had more time together with me sober than when I was drinking.

When we were in Nonington

Promis gave me the springboard to recovery and I will be eternally grateful for the second chance of life it gave me…….without this I would have lost everything.

Please feel free to use the above including my name in any way that it helps others to take the first step to recovery.

Yours sincerely


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