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Full Spa Services Provided To Residential Clients at PROMIS Rehabilitation Clinics

PROMIS Clinics has just installed new in-house health spa facilities in Hayfarm, their Kent Residential Clinic. The new facilities include a sauna, a state of the art jacuzzi, and a treatment room where patients can benefit from several personalized services to aid in with detoxification and relaxation, which range from Shiatsu to beauty treatments.

Hayfarm is set over 12 acres, in the peaceful and tranquil countryside of South East England, commonly known as the garden of England which enjoys beautiful landscapes, nature reserves and milder weather. The Spa fits right in to its captivating surroundings of peace, quiet and privacy, offering a great way to escape, unwind and recuperate after a busy day of therapies and activities.

Saunas in particular have a long history of therapeutic use among various cultures around the world, most well known are Scandinavians. Saunas have been known to help with removal of toxins and drug metabolites stored in the fat cells of the body by accelerating the process of perspiration. In addition, massages and other complementary, high calibre and personalised therapies will help patients learn how to listen to their body, deepen their connection to themselves as well as improve overall health and reduce the likelihood of breakdown, burnout or relapse.

At PROMIS, all patients are encouraged to take care of their general well-being as this often becomes less of a priority in the face of greater struggles. However, this is paramount when taking a holistic approach, as patients often need to be reminded the importance of taking time for oneself.

Robin Lefever, Clinical Director of PROMIS, mentions that “the core values of PROMIS and our approach to treating addiction and other mental disorders does not change. The main purpose of our new facilities is to not only enhance the quality of our services we have been providing for over 25 years, but to give our patients another outlet where they can learn to spend time for themselves, relax, and most importantly of all, enjoy their recovery. This is often overlooked but an integral part of recovery.”

Holding true to making the best of what life has to offer, a unique feature of their spa facilities is that they can be converted to outdoor facilities during the warmer summer months, offering an entirely different experience when exposed to the beautiful Hay Farm gardens and the Kent countryside surroundings.

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