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Letter from an ex-patient

I am writing this short piece by way of a heartfelt thanks to Promis and their way to a sustained recovery. As a former patient their programme has totally transformed my life from the blackest part of hell to a wonderful, purposeful and enjoyable place. I initially attended Promis with the idea that all I needed was to get sober and found it hard to accept that in fact my problems were much deeper and the abuse of mind altering substances were merely a symptom of the underlying cause of my distress etc. To cut a long saga short after my initial time at Promis, I began to realise what I was being told was true, however I never fully embraced the Promis programme and slipped back slowly but surely to my original mind set. This, as sure as night follows day led to relapses. However what saved my life was the fact that seeds of the Promis way had been sown. I went back to basics and fully embraced what I was being told I needed to do and change. Still with some fear that this would lead to a very regimented and boring way of life, I started to fully work the Programme as suggested and on a long term basis.

I began to realise that by using all the tools (slightly adapted to my personal situation) it was no real hardship to adapt my life to fit in with the Promis way.


I have to say there was no blinding flash, but before long I suddenly realised that (like a physical pain) my emotional turmoil had ceased and my ability to experience feelings had returned. At the same time I had learned how to react (normally) to those feelings. Life continues to get better and better as time progresses.

I could write so much on this subject but clearly it`s not appropriate here.

What I can say for certain is that my life is now all I could have realistically ever asked for. I have no idea what tomorrow may bring but that is no longer a worry to me as I firmly believe that provided I continue using what Promis instilled in me then I will be able to handle it and move on in life with hope and confidence.

In summary, again thanks to Promis for saving my life and I hope my experience will bring hope to others who are very sadly currently in my former place. It really does work I can guarantee you.

I give my best wishes to all of you who are in recovery and those about to start the wonderful path to regaining a meaningful life.

Thanks again.

H – From the sunny south of England

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