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New Recovery Solution from PROMIS Clinics, the Perfect Tool for Human Resources to Get Employees Back On Track

With their new executive recovery programme Achilles, PROMIS Clinics enables H.R. professionals to solve workplace issues confidently.

H.R. professionals know how incredibly stressful the duties of corporate executives are, and finding solutions to this stress and the eventual burn-out that might occur as a result can be difficult. With Achilles, PROMIS Clinics’ new executive recovery programme, easing the pressure high level performers face is both easy and rewarding.

Achilles is a confidential premium “treatment” programme run by a leading team of addiction and mental health specialists who possess extensive knowledge and experience in creating, delivering and maintaining well-being strategies on behalf of top performing corporate executives with demanding careers as well as high functioning athletes, entertainers and other high profile professionals.

The Achilles programme has several unique treatment offers that make it a truly remarkable service. Achilles specialises in treating alcohol, drug, and prescription abuse and dependency; they also offer support programs for work addiction, anxiety, stress and depression.

The mental health specialists at Achilles deliver a range of therapeutic treatments, ranging from traditional through to highly innovative theories. Having such a complete range of services allows for Achilles professionals to tailor treatment to the individual so clients receive confidential and bespoke support programmed towards their own personal needs.

Achilles also aims to support H.R. to set in place a line of defence against burn-out and other common stresses within the workplace in a fast and efficient manner, minimising the amount of potential lost work hours. These services range from in-company consulting to group/department coaching and seminars.

Achilles has access to latest cutting edge technologies that deliver proven exhilarating change. They also have a wealth of experience in offering discretion to high profile individuals, which protects the anonymity of clients.

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