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Open Day Success!

Thank you to everyone who came down for our open day. I woke up and noticed that there were terrible storms that morning and sure enough, by the time I got to PROMIS, we were already getting messages from people who needed to cancel.

As I wandered around the site before lunch, I noticed that the various workshops seemed to be full. Some how we seemed to be able to have drumming in one part of the garden ( sorry Kevin, I know how hard it was to get my sister in law to leave! ) Equine Assisted therapy in another, EMDR in yet another and then the spirituality workshop at the front. How they found a way to be spiritual with all the noise the rest of us were making, I have no idea!

It was at lunch that the scale of the numbers became apparent. Our marquee could only hold a limited number but it was absolutely full!

Well done to everyone! Well done to the staff who helped put on such a fun day and well done to the alumi for braving the weather and creating such a wonderful atmosphere! I’m already looking forward to next years event…..


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