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Our Community Efforts

It is our constant ambition to raise awareness about this illness to the wider community and also to provide support and encouragement to other people who suffer from this terrible illness. Over the past year, we have begun developing online solutions that will do just that and would like to give our friends a chance to be the first to have a preview of our efforts.

myRecoveryNet is a social networking site for recovery, founded in order to continue the work of TRN, a popular recovery network which had to close down due to financial reasons. It was a shame to see such a useful tool that helped so many in recovery disappear and so we decided to lend a hand to help rebuild the community. There are forums for discussions, chat rooms for meetings, blogs for personal expression and more. Even though the site is only in the testing phase with many improvements on the way, we already have members joining us from all around the world and setting up regular meetings to share their experiences. Please feel free to sign up for your free account now and you will be the first to know of the official launch.

myRecoveryPlanner is a website for workbooks and tools to aid in recovery. You can store your work as you complete various exercises and, should you choose, have a verified counselor go over your progress with you. We have started with a 12 step workbook to give people a good introduction to the 12 steps. We are also producing more exercises to help people manage other recovery issues such as low mood, managing rumination and difficult thought patterns and so on. Should you wish to have a counselor assist you with this, please contact us directly.

We will not stop here. We are very excited for what’s to come and look forward to presenting you with the first official releases in the very near future.

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