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PROMIS Clinics Presents Oliver Brady in London for a Special Event “The Work With Heart”

PROMIS Clinics is hosting an exclusive workshop featuring special guest speaker Oliver Brady. For two days only, on 20 January and 3 February, Oliver Brady will discuss how to rediscover your original Fearless Self and regain the courage to be free.

UK’s leading addiction rehab clinic and the creators of executive recovery programmes, PROMIS Clinics is excited to announce an exclusive two day event in London where participants can ‘rediscover’ their original Fearless Self and regain the courage to be Free. The two sessions will take place on the 20th of January and 3rd of February.

The workshop event, “The Work With Heart” is an evolutionary adventure that begins with participants being presented in very clear and simple terms the extraordinary connection between leading edge science, ancient mysticism and powerful therapeutic and healing processes. Guests will learn how to use truly simple yet powerful processes that enable an expansion of present moment awareness and an opening of the Heart.

“Just as with most recovery programmes, one of the first steps towards healing is going beyond anxiety, guilt, depression, anger, loneliness, shame, fear and all limiting thoughts and beliefs,” said Oliver Brady. “This workshop will allow people to find out how we got lost in our personality many years ago and how they can overcome it.”

This is a two-day workshop which takes place over two weeks to enable workshop-goers to experience and take in all the benefits of the first session throughout daily life and come back with new perspectives for the second session.

Keynote speaker Oliver Brady is a Master Practitioner in NLP, TimeLine Therapy and Ericksonian Hypnotherapy. His therapy sessions combine an experience as an artist and as a coach, helping participants to be truly present and access awareness of the reality of life. At the moment, as well as working on his new book and preparing workshops, Oliver also enjoys working on his art which has a deep spiritual aspect to it and has recently been exhibited in London.

“Creating an atmosphere where people can have the time to reflect on what they’ve learned can be very powerful in deepening their understanding of what has been learned,” said Robin Lefever, the treatment director of PROMIS Clinics. “It also allows Oliver to expand on and clarify that understanding which is something many presenters don’t get to do.”

PROMIS Clinics regularly aims to bring transformational workshops not only to their alumni but also to the wider community.

Robin Lefever mentions that “working in residential rehab we work with the most intensive problems and in return find the most effective tools and practitioners to be able to help. Offering these workshops gives us a unique opportunity to share these tools with a group of individuals who would hopefully never need the intensive experience of rehab but none the less would love to benefit from a range of solutions that are available to them.”

For additional information about the upcoming PROMIS workshop with special guest Oliver Brady, please visit https://promis.co.uk/events/the-work-with-heart/ where you can book online or email workshops@promisclinics.com

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