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PROMIS France Newsletter, August 2008

PROMIS France has been in operation for nearly 2 years this next September. The biggest development in the last 6 months has been the implementation of the « l’Aile PROMESSES » in PRC / Kent (Promesses being the french word for the promises).

Since there is virtually no private inpatient Minnesota Model treatment of addiction available in French speaking Europe, the project has consisted in creating a specific primary treatment program in french using the existing facilities and infrastructure available at PRC / Kent. The logistics of coming to PRC / Kent are particularly easy with the Eurostar serving Paris, Lille & Brussels to Ashford and Gatwick airport for clients coming from Geneva.

Eric NEEDHAM, who is perfectly bilingual, joined PROMIS earlier this year as the pivotal counselling staff member on the french wing. When the number of french speaking patients warrants it, he is joined there by counselling staff from Paris who rotate in turn. This provides french speaking clients with a unique higly personalized 12 steps treatment program in their native language and continuum of care can be done through aftercare in the PROMIS offices in Paris or Geneva.

Other developments, as mentioned in the December 2007 Newletter, have consisted in the practise of EAP for PF clients, conducted on a weekly basis at the Polo de Paris or Apremont (north of Paris) by Marie de NOAILLES (therapist) and Daisy DELAPALME (horse specialist). This program is a first in France in the field of addiction treatment.

Emmanuelle VAUX-LACROIX and David DELAPALME completed the intermediary EMDR training session in London and have been busy introducing this useful tool and practising with clients at PF. Again this program is breaking new ground in France for treating traumas and triggers associated with addiction. In addition, Philippe CAVAROZ completed a french training session in Motivational Interviewing.

Finally, PF was involved earlier this year, in several TV programs featuring addiction on French Television which generated some very positive feedback and helped our exposure in an otherwise very closed environment.

One last little bit, Asta GEORGSDOTTIR has returned to work at PF, the proud Mother of a wonderful little boy.

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