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PROMIS The first UK Rehab to offer Neurofeedback therapy


There has been a steadily growing interest in Neurofeedback therapy. This therapy is already offered in one or two top international clinics and we are proud to be able to offer this treatment here at PROMIS.

Neurofeedback is a cutting edge therapy which is proving to be very helpful for the treatment of substance abuse, anxiety,depression, epilepsy, OCD, learning disabilities, bipolar disorder, conduct disorder, cognitive impairment, migraines, headaches, chronic pain, autism spectrum disorders, sleep dysregulation, PTSD and concussion.

Neurofeedback therapy involves placing a number of electrodes on the scalp in order to read the brain’s waves, in a similar way to having an EEG. These brain waves are then diagnosed and a treatment plan is dynamically created by specialist computer programmes.  This treatment is designed to work directly on the Central Nervous System, one of the biological systems which needs to be in a balanced state.

The experience of a Neurofeedback session is very pleasant. While still wired up to the computer, music is played through headphones and one is invited to watch a video. All one has to do is relax and listen. When the computer wants to interact and adjust a particular pattern, all it does is cause a very slight click sound in the recording which can be noticed through the sessions. This is enough to gradually change the brains patterns.

Each session lasts just under an hour and effects can be noticed immediately or after just 5 or 6 sessions. The effects are greater concentration, better sleep, more stable moods and more. This is why this system is now very popular with sports professionals and other professional performers. The benefits to our client group are obvious.

The typical course of treatment is a total of up to 30 sessions. This is a remarkable treatment but, like all the other treatments that PROMIS offers, it should be seen as being part of a system of treatments that, when combined, have a power far greater than the sum of their individual parts.

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