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Recovery Capital

Recovery Capital is used to describe stabilising factors that people have in their lives. These include education, employment, housing, personal and social resources too.
In a recent NTA study, the phrase recovery capital was used to explain why the group they were studying ( Cocaine users ) did better in recovery rates than other addicts. If we look at this the other way around, we could also say that these are some of the tools that will help our clients achieve better outcomes.
Plenty outcome studies have shown this to be the case. Recovery rates are higher for those who are in employment, have families and who have other responsibilities. This is why it is so important that treatment programmes help people with these wider issues and don’t just focus on the limited scope of the individual and their illness.
As a clinic we must help people find their way back to their careers, reconnect with their families and be strong enough to cope with more responsibility. To this end, building Recovery Capitol should be a main stream part of the treatment plan.
PROMIS has a number of tools to help our clients build Recovery Capital. In London we have an out patient service right in the centre of London. We also have accommodation so that people can stay in this area. People say that a city like London will have the best and worst of everything and I can see how that applies to addiction. On the one hand there is great pressure and temptation but on the other, there is 24/7 support and a huge range of resources.
Another service we offer to help boost Recovery Capital is recovery coaching. Recovery coaching is a fantastic way of bridging the gap between the end of rehab and functioning at full performance again. If we just settle for taking the damage of compulsive addictive behaviours out of our life, there is likely to be a sort of deficit. What we need to see are our patients getting back to where they would have been if these addictive behaviours hadn’t come into their lives. This is building true recovery capital.

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