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Social networking for Recovery



After the sad news that The Recovery Network has had to cease trading and has closed it’s doors to the people it was helping we are relieved to see an alternative site start up to help the same people.

The new site, myrecoverynet.com, has only been up for a couple of days so people are trying to work their way around it still, to see how it works but hopes are high for it.

Robin Lefever


2 Responses to “Social networking for Recovery”

  1. Christie Townsend Says:

    I am part of a team of people in Leicestershire that are trying to get a drug rehab opened as we do not have one.
    We need ofcourse all the help we can get and wondered if there was any advice or practical help that your organisation could give us. Thank you. Christie

  2. Robin Lefever Says:

    Hello Christie

    Yes we are delighted to help. We can offer all sorts of support from structure to training. Perhaps we should have a chat on the phone and see precisely what you need?

    Many thanks


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