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Spring Newsletter – A letter from the director

Robin's PicturePeople with addiction problems find themselves constantly stigmatised by society. None more so that celebrities. Each time celebrities seek help they appear to be scorned and ridiculed just at the time they need the most help.

I recall the news last year that Robbie Williams had been admitted to a clinic in the US. I was horrified to see that the media had the gall to suggest that this was a stunt to improve album sales. Shame on them!

This inappropriate treatment of a suffering person may finally be changing. I think this change started to happen after Britney Spears was paraded before the press in a wretched state. Finally the public couldn’t help but see the terrible pain that lies behind the lurid tabloid headlines. Now in the UK, the public are beginning to see the pain behind the behaviour of some of our stars who feature in the tabloids day after day.

Maybe the pain of these stars is trailblazing a path to make it easier for others to seek help. Maybe the time has finally come where people can ask for help and get the full support they deserve while making such difficult changes in their lives. Certainly here at PROMIS our aim is to give all patients our full support and understanding. Maybe now is the time to take these first steps.

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