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Sweet Enough Book Review

Lou Lebentz is a well-known addiction and eating disorders psychotherapist who worked for 10 years at the Priory. In this time Lou has developed a programme for people with eating disorders that is practical and simple to follow, but which integrates the best practice from the worlds of nutrition, coaching and psychotherapy.

For the moment Lou is making a book available for free on her website here which acts as a simple guide to her programme.

Lou fills the book with really helpful metaphors, she explains that by using metaphors we are better able to imagine our goals and thereby embed the knowledge most quickly. As a sailor myself I love the sailing analogies that Lou uses throughout the book and she has also peppered it with some really lovely illustrations.

There are 7 main steps to Lou’s programme:

1. Examine our beliefs about food.
2. Understand the effect that food has on us.
3. Visualise a clear goal.
4. Develop new skills.
5. Make the switch from unhealthy to healthy food
6. Take action and put the plan into practice.
7. Keep checking our progress against our goals and keep those goals in mind.

As I mentioned before, the best thing about Lou’s book is the way it draws from the different worlds of nutrition, psychotherapy, coaching and so on, and does so in such an accessible and common-sensical way.

The other great thing about this book is the organisation behind it. On the website, http://sweetenough.online/, you will also find recipes, an online show and a blog, all interweaving support.


This is quite a new service from Lou but I really look forward to seeing it develop.

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