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The Emptiness

We have all experienced that deep sense of unfulfillment, that emptiness that is just crying out…screaming to be filled. In these seemingly dire circumstances, we immediately start working out new ways to fill ourselves once more, to fill this seemingly unbearable emptiness. The behaviour is familiar: find someone or something new to make a new beginning with, and if that is not available, we turn to alcohol, drugs, sex…you fill in the blank…whatever is needed to fill the emptiness.

Have you noticed, that none of these solutions ever work! Why? Because the emptiness is absolutely open, it is unfillable! The truth is that we were not created to be self-filling beings, we are meant to be empty, because when we are empty we are available! Available to who, what, you may ask! Available to Life! God! Source! Higher Power…Spirit! You can choose whatever label you wish…I choose Life!

So how can we be empty and available to Life? The only way that I have found, is by allowing everything to be as it is! “I am where I am and it’s okay”. Why is it okay? Because I am where I am, it’s got to be okay!


I know, this is not easy. To remain present to a someone or something without trying to judge it or change it! You either want to attack it, avoid it, make it invisible or capture it, possess it, make it bigger, make it last longer and it’s all so hopeless, you’re trying to fill an emptiness that does not exist! The very act of trying to fill the emptiness, distracts us from the absolute truth that the emptiness is not empty, it is abundant with Life. It only appears empty because Life in and of itself is an infinite realm of possibilities just waiting to be actualised by you and the only way that you can see this endless stream of possibilities, is when you stop trying to create your own possibilities, by trying to change or fix Reality.

When you have the courage to trust Life i.e. The True Self totally, you become truly available. I often say “You are either open for business or closed for business” if you are not open to what you perceive as the negative happenings, you are not open to the positive happenings. If you are not open to depression, fear, anger, anxiety, panic then you are not open to joy, courage, forgiveness, peace and calm.

A great misconception is that it’s up to you to motivate yourself! It is not up to you to motivate yourself! It is up to Life to motivate you, but before it can do that, you need to be empty, present, real, true, honest and AVAILABLE. When you are finally “OPEN FOR BUSINESS”, Life will flow through you like a torrent and once again you will be who you truly are…a fountain of unlimited possibilities…Magnificence.

Oliver Brady

One Response to “The Emptiness”

  1. Rita K Says:

    Thank you Oliver

    I agree trying to fill the emptiness with destructive substances and people won’t do it. Why would it? Laying oneself bare is scary to begin with until those universal moments start to happen. Then the shakiness is replaced by joy and hope and excitement. That’s my experience of it.

    My tendency is to let it go and enjoy what life brings but at some point lose my nerve and slip back into the destructive comfort blanket that is addiction…until I wake up 5 maybe 10 years later as if from a dream and have to start again. I am always amazed at how many years pass until I “wake up” again, usually following some crisis.

    The place I am at now – my wellness today means I am mindful of all these things and am ready to give up control to the universal life force. I am not so original after all…I came from the earth and will return there when my days are over. The journey in between is all I have, today is all I have…the journey may end tomorrow. When I do not know. So I owe it to myself to make this life experience the best it can be and learn what lessons have been set for me along the way. Even if I resist them they happen all the same. Resistance prolongs the painful process and keeps me in immaturity and fear.

    So thank you for your thought provoking blog. I hope I have not been to trite. When I speak of me I want to involve all those who share these kinds of experiences. So may I should be replaced by us.

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