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The Power That Lies Within The Heart

The peace that passeth all understanding

The Heart is the messenger of Life, I discovered that with my spiritual partner Carmel in the summer of 2005 while working on the creation of a new spiritual workshop in a small cottage on the wild and beautiful Beara Peninsula in West Cork, Ireland. We had been earnestly working for several days on the different aspects of the workshop, when one day we seemed to move into a space of absolute confusion, which suddenly exploded within us in the form of resistance and anger. We found this shift so unbearable, that we both retired to our rooms to hopefully sleep it off. Little did we know that what was to happen, would change our understanding of Life completely.

During the night, we both experienced a most profound and indescribable peace that was so far removed from the seemingly unbearable feelings that had caused us both to retire to our rooms earlier.We were immersed in this ‘Peace’ throughout the night until the morning, when it seemed to gradually dissipate. When our eyes met the next morning we knew inherently what the other had experienced. When we began to share, we both realized that our experiences had been virtually the same.

What was it that we had both experienced that night? We now know in our hearts that it was “the peace that passeth all understanding” that mystics have talked about for millennia.

Where did it come from? From an “open heart”! We now know that all the earnest internal work that we had being doing, had allowed our hearts to truly open, activating a powerful alchemy, transmuting our perceived suffering into a real peace.

How can we open the heart? By embracing the simple understanding, that resistance is the only action that causes our minds to suffer. That by not resisting the feelings that are resonating in your heart, that by allowing and honouring those feelings with a gratitude which knows they are the voice of the heart…the messenger of Life. When you truly understand that Life loves you so much that it is constantly trying to remind you, of who you truly are, beyond suffering, fear and addiction. When you truly understand that Life is always showing you the way home, to a “peace that passeth all understanding”, you will once again begin to open your heart to the unlimited possibilities, that have always been available to you.

That beautiful and profound experience in 2005 gave birth to The Work With Heart, and since then we have been discovering and evolving the very simple yet powerful tools, that allow the Heart to open, transmuting “suffering” into peace” and “fear” into “love”. We call these tools “games” because really Life is just a big game that we take so seriously. The Work With Heart teaches you how to play it well…with an open heart!

Oliver Brady

PROMIS Clinics is proud to present this evolutionary workshop, The Work With Heart, in London with Oliver Brady. For more information and bookings please visit: https://promis.co.uk/events/the-work-with-heart/

One Response to “The Power That Lies Within The Heart”

  1. candice Says:

    You’re words resonate with me, I too have had hard times that wouldn’t be believed in fiction. However, I disagree that a book can help transmutation from suffering to happiness…..this truly comes from within. From letting go of past indiscretions and as you say open your heart. If you don’t open up to another, how do you expect them to….. I’m lucky, I had my two children with a self destructive man who cared little for us, thanks to my family I was strong enough to stop the violence and send him away. I still feel this wad in my childrens best interest as he is still abusing drugs/alcohol 3 years on but I have found a truly good man, who loves us all as a packaged deal and takes care of us all. I didn’t imagine it would happen I just lived my life right and up he popped, I had known him 11 years ago. I didn’t know I loved him then, I love him now, I love him always…

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