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Therapists demand backhanders for referring patients to clinics.

This still amazes me.

In spite of efforts by some clinics to limit this practice therapists are still asking if we will give them a backhander for referring patients to our clinic. Only recently I was asked if I would pay a kick back by a therapist just out of earshot of his patient .

I have written about this before, and had hoped that the registration authorities might take some action but they prefer to ignore it.

I was told by a colleague that another therapist in Knightsbridge wouldn’t refer to any clinic that wouldn’t pass him a brown paper bag under the table.

Patients really should be able to expect that clinical advice from a therapist, someone they have been encouraged to put their trust in, will not be decided by the size of the bribe that private clinics will pay them.

Surely now is the time we should be looking at our values again and stopping this practice?

Either the clinics need to come together and ban this practice or the regulators of therapists ( BACP ) need to take a look at what their members are doing and take some action. Both are very aware of this widespread practice. Neither have done anything about it.

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