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World Cup with PROMIS

Brits set to consume 774 billion calories in snacks, 95 billion calories in drinks and almost 3 billion units of alcohol during the World Cup 2010.

A research by AXA PPP health-care has revealed that millions of football supporters in the UK could be putting their health at risk, with alcohol and calorie consumption and time spent on the sofa set to soar for the duration of the World Cup.

World CupHealth threats to overindulgent World Cup TV viewers´include hangovers and consequent liver damage in addition to the increased risk of developing diabetes and heart disease as a result of the increased calorie intake. Moreover, for fans with underlying coronary heart disease, there is an elevated risk of heart attacks, especially during the stressful crunch matches.

Whilst we won’t be drinking, here at PROMIS, we will still have all the fun the World Cup has to offer watching it from the comfort of our patient lounge on our 40 inch plasma TV, accompanied by a variety of healthy snacks!

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