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Your personal invitation to… The Fruits of Recovery 2008

summer-party-2008-formRobert, Margaret, & Robin Lefever have the pleasure of inviting you to join them at 11am, on the 6 th of September, at The Promis Rehabilitation Clinic, The Old Court House, Nonington, Kent, CT15 4LL.

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The mental and physical well being of an individual must be maintained in order to achieve growth in the same way a garden must be cultivated.


Neuro Linguistic Programming created by Dr Richard Bandler, examines the way that people learn to function in the world by using distortions, generalisations and deletions in their language. This results in appropriate practicalities such as not remembering absolutely everything one had to eat at every meal since one was born, or have to spell out laboriously that of course one understands that a generalisation doesn’t apply to absolutely everybody because there will always be exceptions, and that one does occasionally say things that cant be justified absolutely specifically. However, this practical process can go too far so that we can get stuck in mental ruts and impoverish our awareness of the world and our capacity to communicate.

The Meta Model of NLP challenges distortions, generalisations and deletions so as to enrich the patient’s awareness of a wider choice of concepts and behaviour. In reverse, when the counsellor uses hypnotherapy, he or she can deliberately use distortions, generalisations and deletions – or be “artfully vague” in Milton Erickson’s approach – in order to get the patient to search deep into his or her own unconscious resources and free up the self-imposed restrictions on thoughts and actions that may have bedevilled his or her behaviour for many years. PROMIS has now added NLP and hypnotherapy to the range of treatments that we provide for patients alongside our fundamental commitment to the Twelve Step programme.

Fruits of Recovery


In line with this year’s theme of growth, this workshop will focus upon growth in recovery using the Twelve Step Programme. The workshop will use gardening and agriculture as metaphorical representations of spiritual growth in recovery. The various stages of cultivation, sowing, tending and reaping will be discussed, and we will explore together how to create and tend our own individual ‘Spiritual Garden’ using the 12-Steps. The workshop will be prepared and presented by members of the PROMIS Rehabilitation Clinic counselling staff who will draw upon their own personal recovery experiences and will invite insights from workshop participants. Expect a highly interactive and thought provoking session !


Horses are very much like humans in that they are social animals. They have defined roles within their heads. They would rather be with their peers. Horses have distinct personalities, attitudes and moods. An approach that works with one horse does not necessarily work with another. At times they seem stubborn and defiant. They like to have fun. In other words, horses provide vast opportunities for metaphorical learning. Using metaphors, in discussion or activity, is an effective technique when working with even the most challenging individuals or groups of patients.


Drumming has been used in almost every culture for thousands of years. The power of drumming is great and it breaks down the barriers of age, gender, race and language and enables individuals to come together and form a productive and successful group. This workshop will enable you to take part in a drumming session and experience the benefits for yourself.

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