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Dr. Gabor Maté: "Trauma and Healing"


18/05/2017 - 19/05/2017
All Day


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Peter Gill (Conference Administrator)
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Dr Gabor Maté:

‘Trauma and Healing: An Exploration of Mental Illness, Addiction and Disease’

Dr Maté is a world famous speaker and author on the nature and treatment of addiction. He sees addiction as a biological and psychological response to trauma which needs to be addressed to allow healing. In this workshop, he will give details of a compassionate-based approach to healing addictive tendencies. 

Dr Maté gained his experience after working for 12 years in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside with clients who have hardcore drug addiction.

Dr Gabor’s bestselling book, In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts, explores the nature of addiction and how it should be treated.

You can find it here at amazon

PROMIS is proud to be a sponsor of this two-day workshop.

Read more of the workshop here.

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