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Essential Life Support Course

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A chance to join our monthly group based on Mindfulness Awareness and Meditation and develop your peace of mind by actually putting the meditation into practice.

How often have you said you will do it, you will practice, you know it’s what you need but then put everything else before it?

Three hours of Mindfulness practice is enough effort to start seeing the benefits of these exercises and how they can offer you a better quality of life, greater longevity, increased calmness, lower blood pressure, reduced signs of ageing, alongside many untold benefits.

This proven practice is continuing to grow around the world. In Austria, a course is de rigueur as an alternative to many ills. In the USA, there are over 200 medical institutions offering full time courses.

If you really would like to feel better and would like to stop prevaricating and do it, prioritise your well-being and book in now.

The course is carried out by Caroline Latham, mind training specialist and author whom many of you will have met at Hay Farm. Caroline herself has been meditating for over twenty years and
practices between two to three hours a day.


Bookings are closed for this event.

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