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20/01/2013 - 03/02/2013
10:00 am - 4:00 pm


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Join us in this profound transforming experience of the heart!

For centuries, the heart has been considered the source of Love, Courage and Wisdom. A symbol held sacred by many, the heart was once widely believed to be the seat of the human soul, and to this day the word heart still continues to be used poetically to refer to the soul, and stylized depictions of hearts as symbols representing Love.

In religious texts the heart was historically ascribed much mystical significance, either as a metaphor or as an organ genuinely believed to have spiritual or divine attributes. Many classical philosophers and scientists, including Aristotle, considered the heart the seat of thought, reason or emotion, often rejecting the value of the brain.

Today scientific research is finding that the heart has its own organised intelligence network, enabling it to act independently, learn, remember and produce feelings-all attributes which until recently, were nearly universally held to be solely in the brain’s dominion.

Are you ready to:

  • Take the first step in learning ‘The Work With Heart’, the art and science of Opening the Heart.
  • Get a true and empowering understanding of what “feelings” actually are.
  • Find out how you got lost in your personality many years ago and how now, you can once again become the Master, going beyond anxiety, guilt, depression, anger, loneliness, shame, fear and all limiting thoughts and beliefs.

Through The Work With Heart you can ‘rediscover’ your original Fearless Self and regain the courage to be Free.


This is a two-day workshop which takes place over two weeks to enable you to experience and take in all the benefits of the first session throughout daily life and come back with new perspectives for the second session.

DAY 1: 20th Jan, 10am – 4pm

A revolutionary adventure that begins with participants being presented in very clear and simple terms the extraordinary connection between leading edge science, ancient mysticism and powerful therapeutic and healing processes.

During the rest of the day participants will have a wonderful opportunity to learn The Work With Heart’ first hand, how to use truly simple yet powerful processes that enable an expansion of present present moment awareness and an Opening of the Heart.

At the end of the day each participant will be given a program of these simple processes. Earnest dedication to this simple program is required to truly benefit from the second day of the workshop.

DAY 2: 3rd Feb, 10am – 4pm

We will briefly revisit what was presented in Day 1 to verify that all participants have a clear understanding and there will be a sharing of how each of the processes worked for each participant .

The rest of the day, will continue with a Question and Answer period, where participants will once again have an opportunity to get a deeper understanding of The Work With Heart and all of the associated processes. This then will be followed by more practice and interaction. The day will end with a powerful self awareness experience.

I had spent most of my life looking for something to fulfill me, careers, relationships, spirituality but nothing worked. I read so many books on philosophy, spirituality and psychology looking for an answer, for an end to my suffering. Therapy only seemed to give me temporary relief as did alcohol. I was on a relentless and lonely spiral into despair when I read about The Work With Heart, it gave me hope and aroused my curiosity.

The Work With Heart was a powerful life changing experience for me. Oliver has proved to be one of the most insightful people I have ever come across. He brings forth in understandable and simple language nothing less than the very laws of Life. The Work With Heart is the only body of ideas I have found actually work for me. I don’t think I would have ever discovered what had always been tripping me up, what had always broken my heart, if I had not heard him speak. Thank you for showing me how to open my heart.

Paul Dunne, Stamford, CT. USA


I am definitely one of your success stories. Before I done The Work with Heart I was in a terrible state. I was suffering from panic attacks regularly, had no confidence in myself and my social life was nil! Now, I feel I have been reborn, the panic attacks have gone completely. I feel so empowered, so young, so excited about life, itʼs like Iʼve just woke up and the sun is shining. I have now gone back to college to study media and communications, something I have always wanted to do. The Work with Heart is a beautifully simple, yet powerful experience. Thank you for giving my life back to me.

Erika Bennet, London, UK


For many years I had lived a life of despair and was constantly trying to suppress the fury and resentment I felt towards myself and anyone who became close to me. I was always trying to numb those desperate feelings with alcohol, drugs and sex. Anything to give me a break from the continuous pain and suffering. Having gone to so many therapists over the years but never getting lasting relief, I had become the ultimate cynic with no hope in sight.
One day my dear friend Mary told me about her experience at The Work With Heart and how it had changed her life. Although I had noticed the change in her, I was still skeptical and fearful of being disappointed again.

After much pushing and coercion, I reluctantly agreed to go. What I heard and learnt there, was a wisdom that was disturbing yet also refreshing and absolutely illuminating. During the day Oliver passionately shared this wisdom and understanding with everyone in a simple, clear and compassionate way.

This is powerful stuff, it has allowed me to change my life in ways I never thought possible. It has given me the key to true self worth, self respect and self love and for that I am eternally grateful.

Ray McDonagh, Glasgow, Scotland


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