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Hay Farm, Hay Lane
United Kingdom

This workshop is run by Caroline Latham, who is an experienced mind training specialist and a published author. She is known for her effective methods that can inspire a quick but lasting change in your life.

The workshop is designed to empower a family member to work consciously and systematically with their own feelings, stress, pain, illness, and the challenges of daily life.

Many proven methods are incorporated in the workshop to help bring clarity and a new perspective for breaking that addiction to negative emotional patterns.
What you can expect?

become aware of your repetitive unhelpful emotional patterns,
choose to let go of them,
identify and unlock unhealthy family dynamics,
gain a higher self-awareness,
lower stress and anxiety,
find more room for love in your life,
small group allowing for individual attention,
open to individual or all family members,
an effective complement to traditional therapy,
less pain and ‘fumbling in the dark’,
lots of lightbulb moments…
and many other benefits!


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