One Day Family Programme

The Introductory One Day London Family Workshop 

In addition to the Family Groups meeting on Sunday mornings in the PROMIS Recovery Centre and on Tuesday evenings in the Counselling Centre in South Kensington, we run a series of one day workshops for family members in London.


  1. To give family members a greater understanding of addiction.
  2. To help family members to become strong enough to perform an intervention if that is what is needed.
  3. To help family members to provide a united front as a family against the active process of addiction.
  4. To help family members to provide appropriate support in early recovery.


  1. Robin Lefever’s session looks at intervention and relapse prevention, offering techniques for appropriate confrontation.
  2. A session in the patient group, providing a greater understanding of the process of recovery.
  3. Process group: how family members can continue to move forward, with an overview of what has been learnt already.
  4. A patient sharing: a chance to hear first hand about early recovery.
  5. The family Group workshop which takes place in the early evening is an ongoing source of support for family members. Further regular attendance at these Tuesday evening groups provides the core of the family members’ Aftercare.

The programme takes place on specified Tuesdays at 2 Kendrick Mews, SW7 3HG.  They will run from 10.30am – 7.45pm. Please contact us on 0207 581 8222 to make a booking or to discuss any particular requirements you might have.

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