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Family Programme

PROMIS believes that addiction is a problem that doesn’t just affect the primary sufferer. It has a huge knock-on effect on family and close friends. The pain of addiction is felt not only by the sufferer but can have just as severe repercussions on those who care for and are in relationship with them.

Our family therapy gives help support and advice. This allows family members and friends to have the opportunity to express how they feel about what has been happening in their lives. They can take time to examine ways in which they might take more care of themselves. This can thus reduce the all-consuming preoccupation with the meaningful person in their lives.

family together

We have found that the more family members and close friends can be involved, the better the outcome for the patient.

At PROMIS, the family programme is an important part of the treatment process. Our aim is to help the whole family and for us to be there to smooth out the inevitable rough patches of early recovery. It is our experience that the family programme is a vital support to sustaining recovery.

In addition to the Family Therapy on Sunday mornings in PROMIS Hay Farm and on Friday lunchtimes in the London Therapy Centre, we are starting a series of one day workshops for family members. Click here for more information

We currently run the following sessions and workshops:

  • Family Session on Sunday mornings in the PROMIS Hay Farm in Kent.
  • Family Groups Session on friday lunchtimes in the Therapy Centre in London.
  • A series of one-day workshops for family members in London.
  • Free Aftercare sessions for family members in London.
  • A one or two day workshop in Kent:

Click here for the Current PROMIS family programme

“I truly believe that my son going into recovery was his first step followed by my first step attending the family workshops and together this process has allowed us both to move on one day at a time.” a letter from a family member

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