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Results have shown that people in recovery are at their most vulnerable during their first year after treatment. The first year can prove to be a challenging one. This is something which can and should be addressed.

That is why PROMIS has introduced a twelve month aftercare programme designed as a follow-up to primary and secondary treatment with the idea of ‘continuous recovery’ being emphasised.

Included as part of this programme, individuals can attend therapy for 24 days over a 12 month period. During this time, they are invited to review the changes in their lives: they produce assignments based either upon their experiences, or on the continuation of Step work. This allows a clearer picture to be formed of the individual’s progress.

PROMIS has established an extensive and supportive network of ex-patients, not just in this country but around the world. They are willing to provide the guidance and encouragement which one may require during the healing process. Aftercare is open to both patients at PROMIS as well as individuals from other clinics who could benefit from such a supportive programme.

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We offer a regularly occurring range of workshops and sessions for our alumni, below is a list of upcoming sessions.

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