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Clinical Services


At PROMIS we acknowledge that every individual we treat possesses a unique set of life skills, circumstances and experiences with a diverse range of issues they would like to address and find relief from. Treatment programmes have to closely match the ‘whole person’, addressing the full picture of their condition rather than imposing an inflexible and ready-made programme that doesn’t fit.

Through a thorough assessment process we can help our clients find the right therapies to suit them and the right therapists that match and suit them personally. All therapies are not equal and nor are all therapists.

After a complete assessment, an individualised care and treatment plan is exclusively prepared for each of our patients, keeping their unique needs and wishes in mind.

Working alongside and guided by the leading experts and a passionate team, you can trust us to provide you with solutions that will best match your needs.


Individual Care Plan

Each care plan, whether it is full-time or part-time, is designed around the individual’s needs. Experienced PROMIS therapists meet prospective patients and discuss their clinical and personal programme in order to guide them towards full recovery.

Residential Therapy

Sometimes it’s good to get away from all the stress and temptation of our every day lives and have a chance to really get on top of our problems. Residential programmes provide a supportive and gentle environment in which to build a firm foundation to carry forward.

Day Patient Therapy

We also accept individuals with outside commitments, who need only day care. This can be full time or perhaps one or two days a week, enabling a balanced life and aiding recuperation while at PROMIS. If needed, accommodation can be provided for those using our day-care services.

One to One Therapy

We have many different therapists who we can match for you to suit the problems you want to address with the people you want to work with. If you like the therapist you are working with you are far more likely to succeed so we help you select the therapists you want to work with.

Therapy at home

Sometimes it’s just not possible to get away from home and work to come to a clinic for help. In these cases we can come to you and provide support at home and at work. A completely personalised treatment plan for you.

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