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Family Programme

Mental health issues run through families affecting each family member differently. Trauma and difficulties with parenting lead to repeating patterns of mental health problems. Eventually, one member of the family might try to break this pattern but as a loan voice, it can be really hard to break the generational chains of pain and dysfunction.

PROMIS offers a unique programme for families by offering to support the whole family all at once, in the same location, at the same time.

PROMIS Home Farm is a discrete country location, an hour an half outside London, with a total of 10 bedrooms across two buildings allowing many family members to work together on their shared recovery goal.

No one wanted to have the terrible burdens of mental health issues and no parent wanted this for their children. All of us did the best we could given the circumstances we each grew up in.

Now we have a chance to create a ‘fire break’ in our family history, a way to finally put a stop to the repeated patterns of trauma and maladapted coping mechanisms. Finally, here is a chance for all the family to find some peace of mind and pass new and healthier patterns of coping and resilience on to the next generations.

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