Treatment Modalities


We believe that family healing lays a foundation for long-term recovery. That’s why we offer family therapy in a variety of different forms as an essential component of care at Promis UK.


Here at PROMIS, we integrate a wide range of cutting edge, evidence-based and effective treatment modalities complemented by additional activities which promote a greater total well-being. Our time tested philosophy is based on providing a fully comprehensive treatment programme to our patients which not only addresses their current issues and symptoms but inspires and builds a strong foundation for long lasting behavioural change.

Treatment programmes are tailored to each individual and comprises of (but not limited to) the following:

One-to-One Therapy

A range of therapists can be consulted to address a range of different issues. Although it is common for a patient to work with one main therapist, it is also possible to draw in other specialists to assist with specific issues. In residential treatment we feel it is essential to have one to one therapy every day to provide a truly individualised and responsive treatment.


Finding a helpful way of understanding your problems and having a choice in the way you want to work is essential in finding the right programme for you. With the latest research findings, our psychiatrists can help you review your medications and help you find more suitable or more up to date offerings. For example, a recent Medical Journal article found some antidepressants were significantly more effective than others and some were worse than placebo so an up to date review may benefit you greatly.


Psychological insights and breakthroughs are happening all the time. We integrate regular psychological testing and evaluation throughout your stay so that you can try new exercises for yourself and witness a tangible measure of your recovery.

We measure our clients levels of depression and anxiety, amongst other psychological measures, and can demonstrate the great effectiveness of our treatments.

Group Therapy

Patients share experiences with each other during group sessions which are led by highly trained PROMIS therapists. This particular therapy develops an understanding of the common thoughts, feelings and actions that lead to addictive and compulsive behaviour.

You are not alone. Everyone is interdependent and it can be quite comforting to realize how other people mirror the exact way you are feeling. Although some people have anxiety about joining groups for therapy, we realise this and make the groups very welcoming to newcomers.

It is well worthwhile trying group therapy as all the research points to it being one of the most effective of all treatments.

Trauma therapies

PROMIS offers these specialised treatments for expressing and releasing suppressed, deep-seated emotions. So many mental health problems have their roots in trauma that an array of specialised trauma therapies must be available in clinics.

The treatments are provided in a reassuring manner by our experienced clinical staff and we are able to find a method that works for you and which you will feel comfortable working with.

Psychoeducational Sessions

Mental health and wellbeing is a broad and diverse field. We provide a curated look at some of the biggest and boldest ideas and encourage our clients to explore these ideas with us.

Creative Therapies

Promis encourages patients to express themselves through various creative means. Often, words fail us, or are just not rich enough to express what we need to say.

Exercise & Recreation

We aim to incorporate a healthy lifestyle program to address the physiological aspects of the patient’s recovery. Some of the following will be included:

  • Initial screening and baseline physical fitness assessment,
  • Nutritional assessment,
  • Regular one to one exercise sessions,
  • Gym sessions,
  • Stability ball sessions,
  • Pilates and yoga,
  • Aerobic/Circuit class,
  • Leisurely countryside walks,
  • A fully equipped gymnasium,
  • A personal trainer,
  • A weekly progress report,
  • Therapeutic massages, Shiatsu, Acupuncture, Reflexology and body scrubs/wraps,
  • Relaxation and meditation,
  • Educational lectures/workshops.

External Recreational activities

All these activities encourage patients at PROMIS to relax, exercise and feel good.

Family Therapy

With family participation and involvement encouraged, PROMIS provides a professional approach for both patients and their loved ones. Family Meetings are held each week in both London and Kent.

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