Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Alcohol Addiction

The chief emotion experienced through alcohol abuse is one of fear. Becoming addicted to alcohol is one of the most traumatic and frightening experiences an individual can have.

Therefore the treatment of addicts is not approached lightly by PROMIS who have implemented a comprehensive treatment programme to cover all possible areas of care in this field.

Alcoholism is an addiction which grows slowly, working to defeat the addict gradually before they realise they have a problem. By the time this is addressed, the problem may have grown into a crisis, seemingly impossible to combat.

In order for the treatment programme to produce effective results, it contains a series of areas which the addict must address relating to problems of a physical, emotional and psychological nature. Only then, can improvement be assured and the crisis overcome.

Alcohol Detox

The best medical treatment is available to ensure a comfortable Detox from alcohol and our psychiatrist, psychologist and therapists are also on hand to support the individual in addressing their psychological needs.

Alcohol is often the answer for many people when dealing with stressful or problematic situations. PROMIS provides a stimulating yet supportive environment as patients develop the skills necessary to disregard alcohol as a solution to life’s difficulties.

Naturally, this includes instilling the belief that the patient can cope without drink totally and without compromise. During the programme, the warm and friendly surroundings of the clinic will assist in the rehabilitation as it promotes safety and security throughout, making the patient feel protected and appreciate the necessity of treatment.

The treatment will also explore the way in which alcohol can deny opportunity and rob people of their self-worth. The patient needs to believe that there is life after alcohol – and a rewarding one at that. The treatment can only be viewed as a success if the patient values their role in society and recognises the potential of a fulfilling life without alcohol.

Due to the multi-layered nature of the programme, combined with the individual’s need to get on with life, the treatment process will be intense but this is essential in order to achieve the right result.

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