Gaming & Internet Treatment

Gaming & Internet Treatment

Gaming & Internet Addiction

In a world where the existence of the internet is, for the most part, essential to our everyday lives, it is inevitable that new problems relating to addiction should arise. 

The arrival of the internet brought about the compilation of information on a scale never seen before, thus changing the viewing habits of the individual and turning them into compulsive surfers, obsessed with obtaining new data. 

The internet creates an unnatural need for speed.  Instant access is the buzz word and it is therefore very attractive to the user that a simple click of a mouse and a few taps of the keyboard can transport them into an online poker room or cyber casino.  Problems arise from the easy accessibility of temptation.

If you find yourself pre-occupied with thoughts of the internet and the enjoyment experienced from previous visits, only truly reserving happiness and satisfaction for when you are online, then measures should be taken. 

At PROMIS, the patient is required to remove his or herself from the bogus world of cyberspace, and take part in a series of intense therapy sessions where they can address the real issues that have arisen from excessive use of internet.  Often, it is the real friendships and relationships that break down if the person in question spends more and more time in chat rooms, using online games and betting on gambling websites. 

On the internet, imagination and fantasy have no boundaries and the individual cannot tear themselves away from a world which promises so many tailor-made fulfillments.  A consistent life online means that the life offline becomes neglected and shapeless.  PROMIS will give the patient back the direction and purpose they need to go forward and live their lives successfully

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