Prescription Medication Addiction Treatment

Prescription Medication Addiction Treatment

Prescription Medication

When an individual on prescribed medication decides to quit too readily and abruptly in the healing process without medical supervision or assistance, they may develop overwhelming withdrawal symptoms.  These symptoms can range from anxiety and mood swings to vomiting and seizures.

PROMIS can offer a calm and methodical approach to helping the patient detox successfully from prescription medication under calming conditions.

Minor tranquillisers such as Benzodiazepine are often used incorrectly or combined carelessly with other medication leading to serious addiction problems resulting in many unpleasant and distressing side affects.  This is why the process of detox from prescription medication should be applied under supervision.

The most important step in the detox process is the gradual reduction of the dosage of prescription medication in accordance with the realistic needs of the patient.  A plan is achieved between both the patient and those at PROMIS which can achieve the best and most effective results.  Individual patients are different and so it follows that the process of their detox is too.

therapists at PROMIS take into account the circumstances surrounding each patient, the amount of dosage taken, the length of time they have been using, behavioural patterns and many other contributing factors.

Naturally, this process can be emotionally exhausting, so therapists are on hand to provide support through one-to-one sessions and group therapy.

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