Relationship Difficulties

Relationship Difficulties

Relationship Difficulties

Relationships are difficult at the best of times.  Love at the beginning of a bond is real and exciting but as the relationship develops over the years, there is the danger that the love could be lost through the existence of external problems which, inevitably, face us all. 

We cannot ignore those other factors which help to create and sustain our way of living.  Work needs us, friends need us, colleagues need us.  We are forever being pulled in different directions and it is all too easy to shun our responsibilities in a relationship because we take our partners for granted.  A relationship can suffer if the feeling of love is neglected or fitted into a convenient time slot. 

If we are experiencing relationship difficulties, our emotions run high resulting in unpleasant arguments, nasty confrontations and hasty decisions which could have dangerous ramifications.  You may find yourself analysing or magnifying problems which before were only minor troubles when the love was the dominant force in the relationship. 

But if the love was real, so it follows that these issues can be resolved, and if you are serious about finding answers, working on the relationship, mending those bridges, then PROMIS can provide all the support you and your partner could need through a series of counselling sessions. 

If you cannot get through a conversation without arguing or you believe that you or your partner has changed since the relationship began or there are unresolved issues concerning honesty, seek guidance from PROMIS whose staff are experienced in this extremely complex topic and will offer invaluable advice, setting a strong path to recovery.

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