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11 October 2010

Hi Robin
I have to say a big thank you for the stay I recently enjoyed at Hays Farm. And I use the word “enjoyed” as it really is the most appropriate.
Everybody made me so welcome, the particular group last week was a really good one – great positive energy, and as ever the food was wonderful.
Once again I took home lots of valuable information and insights, thanks to the many wonderful counsellors you have there.  I particularly found the DVD that Geoff showed us, I believe it was called “Please Unwoven”, most illuminating.  It explained so many things for me which were previously a confusion.
Please pass my thanks to all the counsellors, they work so hard and seem to genuinely care for us “in mates”.  It was an uplighting experience.
Thank you.
Hi V.
Thank you so much for these kind words. In fact, I’m wondering if you will allow me to quote you on our website?
Kindest regards
Hi Robin
Well as an afficiando of three rehabs – you are the best! And most relevant! With the most dedicated staff, both counsellors and otherwise.
Of course you can quote me.
Best wishes

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