COVID-19 preparedness

COVID-19 preparedness

From the outset of the current outbreak, PROMIS Clinics have been quick to respond to this emergency as it evolves. Both of our clinics offer a great deal of space (3 buildings in London and 12 acres with many separate areas in Kent) and we take only 9 clients in London and 14 in Kent.

This means that clients all enjoy individual rooms with plenty of opportunities for privacy and the ability to decide the level of interaction they are comfortable with. In addition to this, we provide 24-hour nursing and our doctors are on call day and night to manage and oversee any medical needs you may have

We have also introduced a number of additional measures to ensure that our clients are safe and well cared for and to ensure that your experience at PROMIS will provide you with the positive start to recovery that we are renowned for:
– All clients are carefully screened for COVID-19 prior to admission.
– Both staff and clients are monitored continuously for any symptoms.
– We are minimising physical contact with the outside world whilst providing additional activities on site.
– We have restricted access to our sites to essential staff and clients only.
– We have also made additional preparations by securing other isolated properties as a precautionary backstop to safeguard against the possibility of interruption to the service we provide.

Our staff are experienced, responsible, dedicated healthcare professionals who take every care to ensure their own good health, thereby reducing the risk to our clients.

We are aware that this is an international problem that will be with us for some time to come and so we are ready to carry on providing first-class care and support through these challenging times.

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