Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Surrey

Drug and Alcohol Rehab In Surrey: Alternative Addiction Treatment For Surrey Residents

If you reside in Surrey and require assistance with your drug or alcohol issue, our rehab facility could solve your problems.

 As the best experts in the rehabilitation industry, PROMIS are ecstatic to offer some of the most advanced recovery programs for those suffering from mental health and dependency problems.

As a result, we have top-notch ratings across the UK, and we have people attend our centres from all walks of life as well as all towns and major cities

Substance Abuse Issue in Surrey

Although Surrey is renowned for its vibrant market towns, Michelin-starred restaurants and rich history, the problem with drug and alcohol addiction is far too real. For people caught in the grip of all its brawn, healing can seem like an unattainable truth.

This burdened problem affects people everywhere, regardless of where they’re from or their background, with the result of addiction involving a lot more than just the individual’s life.

At PROMIS Rehab Centre, we understand the importance of addressing these challenges hands-on and providing powerful solutions for those living in Surrey;

that’s why we have proactively composed top-of-the-range treatment programmes that specifically focus on our patients’ exact problems – By doing so, we’re confident that not only do we provide the best possibility of healing, but the competency to abstain from further use later down the line.

Understanding Drug or Alcohol Addiction

To understand drug or alcohol addiction, we must first focus on the triggers and how they become problematic to begin with.

With life difficulties such as labour obligations and aspects of social life contributing to the way we control our daily routines, it’s no revelation that individuals take part in drugs or alcohol as a way of coping.

However, while substance misuse usually starts recreationally and innocently, things become unmanageable and spiral quickly into something much worse – addiction.

As of now, individuals find themselves strolling towards the road of self-destruction and, consequently, falling subject to the effects of substances.

So, what are the main reasons for the beginning of an addiction?

Causes of Addiction

Dependence on substances is an increasingly common problem for many people in Surrey and around the country; however, the heart of the issue differs from person to person and is dependent on many characteristics. 

Drug or alcohol dependence has several influencing factors, from genetic predispositions and environmental influences to peer pressures or mental health problems like depression, anxiety or trauma.

Many factors – from peer pressure to family dynamics – can lead to initial experimentation with substances.

People who start using drugs or alcohol to manage stress may find themselves unable to stop due to physical alterations in their bodies caused by continued use.

It can also happen for someone trying recreational drugs just once to get dependent, especially if they have underlying risk factors such as special medical conditions or a history of addiction within their family.

At the end of the day, alcohol and drug addictions are complicated illnesses driven by sociocultural, biological and psychological variances – all of which must be taken into account when planning a tactic for healing.

It’s crucial to understand that attending rehab can mean whether or not there’s success or failure when attempting the path to recovery.

Why You Should Attend A Rehab Centre

Although rehab clinics have had an obstructive stigma attached to them for a while, the success stories far outweigh those that mock and downgrade the service provided.

It’s imperative to know that those who spread defeatist comments are typically not ready to face that they need help with their drug and alcohol dependence. However, we don’t blame them as it’s usually the hardest step to overcome.

Regardless of the seriousness of addiction, accepting treatment from a rehab programme ensures a safe and supportive environment with the aid of an expertly skilled and knowledgeable medical team – a perfect setting for those needing a detox. 

Furthermore, since dependency can be both physical and psychological and often united with mental health problems, our addiction experts understand how to manage both conditions simultaneously and address any underlying issues that possibly haven’t been identified previously.

Another reason for choosing rehab is that it comes with an array of counselling, multiple therapies, and various types of treatments.

These settings aid the client in finding answers to what triggers their addictions while at the same time providing an environment that’s supportive where you can talk about complicated experiences. Rehab aftercare also includes follow-up sessions with therapists while providing techniques and tools that aid you in integrating back into normal life outside rehab clinic walls, without mentioning keeping you on the straight and narrow.

It’s always advisable to find help from a rehab clinic so you can bring about the best outcome when attempting to stop or abstain from abusing substances – without professional help, it’s usually exceptionally tough to stay clean and, more times than not, revert to the same old familiar condition of dependency.

Our Addiction Treatments

At PROMIS, we specialise in recovery for substance addictions and mental health issues – regardless of your stage. We also supply treatment for various process addictions for people who suffer from alternative addictions.

Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol misuse is a huge killer and should not be underestimated – almost 21,000 people die yearly from alcohol-induced deaths; the statistics speak for themselves.

The issue with alcohol dependence is that it can be complicated to control due to the insupportable withdrawal symptoms and the cravings attached to it.

Here at PROMIS Rehab, our belief is to ensure the safety and well-being of our patients from day one – ensuring we control and manage all unpleasant withdrawal symptoms during the detoxification stage; that way, we guarantee the best possible outcome – recovery.

Drug Addiction

Substance dependencies proliferate over extensive areas, with some addicts pursuing hard Class-A substances, like heroin and stimulants, whilst others develop their addictions to other substances like prescription medications.

In any circumstance, addiction to drugs is usually demanding on the physical and psychological self.

No matter what your substance selection is, we at PROMIS have copious insight and practical knowledge in managing substance addictions, controlling their symptoms and providing relapse prevention methods.

Mental Health

At PROMIS Alcohol and Drug Rehab Hub, we deal with mental health complications very seriously.

We trust that by forming treatment plans that focus on both addiction and mental health, we’re in a position to provide our patients with the proper care to counter both disorders. 

We also offer specialised plans catering to individuals who don’t battle with dependency concerns and only wish for a treatment programme for their unique mental health problem.

Process Addictions

At PROMIS, we understand the authenticity of process addictions and are proud to present some of the leading recovery and treatment programmes in Great Britain.

Be it eating disorders or addictions to online activities and gaming – have faith that we can solve your most intimate problems.

Residential Rehab Treatment Programmes

As for treatment options, PROMIS specialises in offering some of the leading inpatient rehab programmes.

We make it a point to customise your rehab journey according to your unique treatment necessities. In doing so, we can help manage your dependency or psychological challenges with the utmost care.

Drug Detox or Alcohol Detox

Our detox programmes cover drug or alcohol dependence and give the proper surroundings for accomplishing such a responsibility.

Since detoxification can be distressing but often life-threatening, it’s vital to appreciate that this portion of the rehab process must be executed under proper management through a selection of specialists.

As we draft the strategy for a meticulous detox service, you can rest and feel relaxed knowing that PROMIS will tailor this process to be as calm as possible. Regardless of your substance of addiction, PROMIS has the resources to make the voyage to sobriety a plausible result.

Dual Diagnosis

Our dual-diagnosis treatment makes both physical and mental health addiction treatment possible. We provide the essential treatment protocols that cover both elements: addiction and mental health.

Our skilled psychiatrists can ascertain any underlying mental health conditions, if any, that could influence patterns of behaviour correlated with your addiction – Recovery achievement rates are increased when both problems are treated – as they usually aid each other, making the possibility of relapse decrease substantially.

Personalised Treatment

At PROMIS, we hold the belief every client is singular. As a result, they should acquire an individualised treatment method that hones in on their own particular condition and circumstances.

During the admissions process for drug and alcohol treatment or any other challenge, we will look at your unique story of dependence so we can provide treatment that matches your personal needs and, finally, provide you with the most significant opportunity for triumph.

Mental Health

Dealing with mental disorders is indispensable for those grappling with addiction and those free from it.

We render a wide array of support groups, family therapy, group therapy, and counselling for those who enrol in mental health care with us at PROMIS. In solidarity, we can conquer unfavourable thought patterns and reinstate you where you should rightfully be – relishing life to its ultimate level.


Tackling addiction doesn’t cease with your residential programme at our treatment centres.

The point you change from rehab to everyday life can often present difficulties – we are fully conscious of the intricacies tied to integrating back into daily activities.

For this reason, we provide a first-rate aftercare programme, providing our patients with the essential mechanisms to resist cravings or handle demanding situations.

Benefits of Attending Drug and Alcohol Rehab Outside Surrey

Although several appreciable choices exist for alcohol and drug treatment rehab facilities in Surrey, they may not address everyone’s specific requirements.

Opting for a treatment centre can be challenging, especially when considering the standard of care provided and the spectrum of available treatment options, besides the facility’s ambience.

Nevertheless, now that you’ve been introduced to PROMIS and our opulent offerings, we can look at the plentiful advantages of undertaking a rehab programme outside of your community.

Enhanced Focus on Recovery: As mentioned above, generating a distance between familiarities can offer you an environment to focus solely on healing – without distractions, you can dedicate your entire self, space and time to the entire healing procedure.

New Support Network: Selecting another location away from home brings new avenues from a community that shares similar feelings as you. The chance to join with others through these sessions is an underestimated benefit – forming associations and camaraderie through these events is one of the most exquisite instruments to help obtain long-lasting sobriety and reduce relapse.

Exploration and Self-Discovery: A switch of scenery is often described as a new chapter. Taking part in rehab away from the typical negativity you are accustomed to gives a new mission, one where you can explore not only the new environment but yourself as a whole – this new, energising perspective can contribute to personal growth where you can attain an array of new and marvellous experiences.

Break from Habitual Behaviour: A local setting may reinforce old habits associated with substance use. Deciding on rehab in a new area offers a refreshing change of scenery, which can aid the breaking of the addiction cycle.

Unique Healing Environments: Some rehab centres are in serene, natural locales that can profoundly assist the healing process. Being in such a therapeutic ambience away from the urban bustle could be critical in your journey towards recovery.

Reduced Chance of Early Departure: If you’re attending a local rehab, it might be alluring to leave the programme prematurely when things get challenging. Being further away from home may diminish this risk, thereby ensuring you complete the entire treatment.

Help For Addiction Near Surrey

Surrey might not be the best fit for everyone looking for interventions; we grasp this. With this in view, we put forward a deluxe solution for those who yearn for confidential, premium treatment away from their local zones.

Our method involves elite-level therapy and promotes the advancement of comprehensive health, well-being, and a constructive outlook.

Embark on this journey now and experience how PROMIS can guide you to the best life you rightfully deserve.

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