How We Treat

How we treat


Our clients seek a range of treatment options and the freedom to try different therapies as they progress through their treatment plans.

They value the importance of daily one-on-one therapy sessions delivered by trained professionals in a confidential and caring environment. Moreover, they are interested in a daily schedule of group sessions, workshops, and experiential and holistic therapies.


Our clients desire an atmosphere that feels like home, with some of the pamperings of a high-end hotel. They want to be treated to/spoiled with the exquisite culinary creations of a top chef and for their rooms to be made up each day by a caring housekeeping team.

Our clients also like to enjoy a beautiful ambience, complete with vibrant fresh flowers and elegant furnishings.

Skilled clinical team

Our clients are invested in their mental wellness and want a team of highly skilled professionals managing their care. Specifically, they expect their progress to be reviewed by a psychiatrist and an
experienced clinical team.

They want this team to provide daily input on their treatment journey, which should be focused at all times on achieving the best possible outcomes. It is in this thriving environment that our clients can relax, feel comfortable, and work towards achieving their goals.

Flexible treatment access

For clients unable to take extended breaks from family and work commitments, we provide the option for some clients to stagger treatment over multiple, shorter sessions lasting as little as one week. This approach allows clients to apply newly gained insights in real-life situations and bring their experiences back into the therapeutic environment.

Postgraduate learning atmosphere

Our clientele consists of erudite, cultured individuals accustomed to seeking professional assistance. This characterises our learning setting. In our clinics, clients have the freedom to pursue support
and guidance while being treated with respect, taking charge of their recovery journey under expert supervision.

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