Reactive Depression: A Guide On Situational Depression

Reactive Depression: A Guide On Situational Depression

At some point in our lives, we will suffer from depression through emotional stress. This could be derived from many external factors such as starting a new job, moving away from family, or having a baby. These events can cause feelings of sadness and fatigue but generally fade and pass in time but if these feelings become out of proportion, it may be possible you are suffering from reactive depression.

What Is Reactive Depression?

Reactive depression is also called situational depression, it is the same thing. Reactive depression is a mental health condition provoked by a specific external stressor. It manifests through signs of depression symptoms such as fatigue, lack of interest and motivation, or poor concentration among others.

These symptoms generally occur within three months of experiencing a stressful or traumatic event and last no more than six months. Health professionals may use the terms reactive depression, situational depression, or an adjustment disorder with a depressed mood.

How Reactive Depression Differs From Depressive Disorders

Signs And Symptoms Of Reactive Depression

Causes Of Reactive Depression

Symptoms Of Situational Depression And Grief

Is There Treatment For Reactive Depression?

Other Help For Reactive Depression

Experiencing reactive depression is unpleasant, and mood disorders can be challenging, but in addition to reactive depression treatment from your doctor, you may also try using other treatment options you can do yourself.

Coping strategies are proven techniques that can help treat depression and promote a feeling of well-being. You could try some of these self-help techniques:

Depression Symptoms And Physical Activity

Physical exercise can improve depression symptoms as when a person engages in physical activity, the brain releases endorphin chemicals that stimulate and boost mood levels and can alleviate pain. When the mood is heightened, it produces a sense of well-being that distracts the mind from negative thoughts or stressful situations. Taking regular walks, attending a gym workout, or practicing yoga are good methods for participating in physical activity.

Making Time For Yourself

Finding Support

Expert Treatment Of Reactive Depression

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