Staying Sober in Early Recovery During the Holidays

Staying Sober in Early Recovery During the Holidays

If you’re in recovery or trying to stay sober, the festive holiday period can pose a challenge. Routine goes out the window and the temptations & triggers of abundant alcohol and food test our resolve. By following these tips, you can increase your chances of staying sober.


The ideal scenario is to bypass the parties. Remove the temptation of alcohol entirely. Distance yourself from people likely to be indulging in a very “merry” Christmas.


If you can’t avoid parties, be clear on your excuse/reason for not drinking and don’t get caught off guard by someone questioning you. If you don’t want to attract unwanted attention, keep an inconspicuous drink like soda and lime in your hand to sip on and blend in. 


The article concludes, “Outside, the opportunity to explore the 12 acres of farmland – coated in greenery – is a therapy all on its own, ensuring guests feel a sense of peace outside of a guided therapeutic setup, too.”

Don’t feel obliged to attend festive gatherings until the very end. It may be helpful to inform the host you’ll be leaving early. Set manageable boundaries and stick to them. 


Take a sober friend to parties with you as an accountability partner. Reach out to your sponsor, therapist, sober friends or peers from the AA or NA Fellowships. Knowing there are people out there facing the same challenges can be very comforting. 

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