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There are several types of depression. Most of them share similar symptoms such as sadness, general low mood, sleep disturbances, agitation, low self-esteem, fatigue, a lack of concentration and/or a lack of interest in normal daily activities. Although sufferers can often feel very alone and isolated in their struggle, depression is very common and it can afflict anyone irrespective of their gender, status or age.

Individuals may often be convinced that there is no point in asking for help and may not have hope for a way to feel better. It is therefore common for people suffering from depression not to seek treatment in spite of the fact that the majority would respond positively to doing so.

Depression can filter through to every area of one’s life until there seems to be no escape and no safe haven. Work may be strongly affected, individuals may draw back from their social activities, relationships and even families who can also suffer as a result. That is why treatment is such an important step.

PROMIS provides a comprehensive range of services from counselling to treatment programmes which include an extensive range of therapies that have been found effective and beneficial in treating depression so each patient can explore what they feel is most appropriate for them.

The PROMIS Counselling Clinic is located in a quiet mews in South Kensington, Central London, and is ideally situated to provide easily accessible treatment services to London’s busy community.

The main feature of the PROMIS Counselling Clinic is its flexibility. Our patients have busy lives. Our service allows them to access treatment services whilst maintaining their outside commitments, responsibilities and schedule.

PROMIS Hay Farm offers intensive support in a residential clinic in the heart of the Kent countryside, the garden of England. Hay Farm provides an ideal setting to heal with a peaceful, warm and supportive atmosphere.

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