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Detoxification doesn’t have to be unpleasant. At PROMIS we make the detox as relaxed, comfortable, efficient and effective as possible. A full medical assessment determines what level of medication is required, provided alongside proper nutrition ,rest and particular supportive therapies.

Everybody’s experience with drink or drugs has been different and so it is important to be sure that the detox process is individualised. If a patient has found one detox drug better than another in the past, then we will adapt our detox to suit them. Having confidence that our patients will be listened to and having flexibility is really important for a comfortable detox.


Drugs and alcohol effect a number of neurotransmitters in the brain and can leave it having difficulty adjusting to withdrawal. As the brain tries to recover it is important that it is given the nutritional supplements it needs to remanufacture neurotransmitters rapidly. We can provide “Brain Recovery Supplements”  to assist this recovery process. They are specifically designed to assists with:

*Addiction Recovery
*Discontinuation Syndrome
*Low Mood
*Poor Focus
*Blood Sugar Balance



Anxiety and sleep disorder can be another symptom of withdrawal. We offer sleep analysis and a range of strategies to regain healthy sleep. Analysis will show how much time you spend awake, in deep sleep, in light sleep and in REM. We can demonstrate to you the effectiveness of your newly acquired deep sleep strategies.



Very soon, medications can be reduced. Patients then find themselves able to participate fully in the therapy programmes.

The detox is:

Tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual.
Any potential physical withdrawal symptoms and mental anxiety.
Reassurance, comfort and effectiveness.

Located in a peaceful London mews or rural or quintessentially English countryside, it is the ideal environment for detoxification and ongoing support.

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